Alumni Reunion –JIT/ECE 2010-2014 Batch
Jansons Institute of Technology

JIT ALMA CONNECT proudly orchestrated the Alumni Meet on December 26, 2021, a Sunday, exclusively tailored for the esteemed alumni of the JIT/ECE 2010-2014 batch. The choice of Lecturer Hall 1 as the venue for this event bore particular significance, as it was a heartfelt request from the alumni themselves. They wished to relive the memories of their initial days at JIT when they first set foot on the campus. This annual tradition serves as a cherished occasion to reconnect with our distinguished alumni, celebrating their notable successes and myriad achievements.The Alumni commenced their arrival at the college at 10:00 a.m., where they were warmly welcomed by a dedicated team of three faculty members. The day’s agenda began with a campus tour, guiding them down memory lane to the very places where they once pursued their studies. Additionally, they were provided with an insightful look into the remarkable developments that have unfolded since their time at JIT.


Following the informative tour, a refreshing interlude was offered, providing an opportunity for the alumni to unwind and socialize. This was followed by a gathering in Lecturer Hall 1, where they generously shared their valuable experiences and memories. The virtual presence of six of their friends, who joined them remotely, added an extra layer of significance to the occasion.Lunch arrangements were thoughtfully made to ensure the alumni’s convenience, allowing them to relish a delightful meal. Once the nourishing break concluded, the alumni reconvened in Lecturer Hall 1 for a delightful session of enjoyable and engaging fun games.The Alumni Meet not only fosters connections among our esteemed alumni but also reinforces their bond with JIT and commemorates their achievements. It is an event that brings together the past and the present, celebrating the continuous growth and success of both the institution and its alumni.

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